Apr 20, 2012

Dr. Beer speaks about experimental drugs for prostate cancer

The full original program can be found at the Research to Practice website.

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  1. Dr Beer ,
    Thank You for an excellent video.
    I do wish it included DR Taplins talk on chemotherapy.How recent was this presentation?
    Am I correct that Dr Logenthetis said that response to mdv3100 was unlikely in zytiga pretreated patients.

  2. Thank you for the comment. The entire program is available through the Research To Practice website. Take a look at http://www.researchtopractice.com/browse-tumor-types/prostate-cancer

    I believe one has to become a member to view the content, but I don't think there are any costs involved.

    I don't think we know enough yet about how sequences of these drugs will perform, so I would view these comments as preliminary. We will have more answers based on greater amount of experience soon. It seems likely that the proportion of patients responding to one of the drugs after the other may be lower than what one would expect in patients who have seen neither of the drugs, but we don't really know.

  3. Nicely done. My doc ~ Nick Vogelzang speaks regularly at the UsTOO chapter I chair on much of the progress being made in clinical trials and mirrors your thoughts on the sequencing of these new drugs. It's exciting to watch the progress...

    Tony Crispino

  4. Thanks. Nick V is a good friend and a great guy. Glad to hear your encouragement. If you are interested in these lectures, we just posted another one that is a little different. Still full of medical jargon, though. :) All the best and thanks for dropping by.