Mar 13, 2013

Gold Nanoparticle Therapy to be used in first clinical trial

Like most of us, you have probably never heard of gold nanoparticle therapy. That’s not surprising. It's a new treatment that will be used for the first time in a cancer clinical to treat lung cancer. The process was invented by biomedical engineers, Naomi Halas and Jennifer West, at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The trial will be conducted by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

When these nanoparticles were first tested in mice, the result was tumor remission in 100 percent of the experimental subjects.

The nanoparticles consist of microscopic balls of silica (glass) encased in a thin shell of gold. These nanoparticles are injected into the blood stream and absorbed by tumors—not healthy tissue.

After 12 to 24 hours, when the particles have been absorbed by the tumor, an infrared laser is used to heat the particles and destroy the tumor cell. Tumors are damaged or destroyed with minimal effect on healthy tissues.

The trial, approved by the FDA, will be conducted by Mark Lund, MD, Director of Interventional Pulmonology, Bronchoscopy & ICU at Eastern Regional Medical Center. Additional trials are planned for metastatic head and neck tumors and prostate cancer.

Successful results from these trials could provide new and minimally invasive treatment for some common cancers.

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  1. Might this treatment (if proven effective) be applicable to metastatic disease, or a better alternative for patients with gland confined prostate concer?

  2. For now, to the best of our knowledge, the treatment is being examined for lung cancer - so hard to know about prostate cancer. Having said that, it is an approach aimed at metastatic disease, so perhaps.

  3. Is this treatment can use for the metastatic breast cancer in bone and limph nodes and multiple meyloma... please answer ...I 'm a cancer patient for 5years suffer alot kids needs me, my husband left ...

  4. We are not sure which cancers this approach will prove useful for and whether clinical trials in breast cancer and multiple myeloma are planned. The NCI's clinical trial search site is the best place for you to look and see if such trials are planned. Most importantly, we think you should be getting advice from knowledgable cancer specialists who are in the know about research opportunities in your area. Our best wishes.

  5. Gold nano particles, interesting, will this be applicable to all the cancer treatments. eager to know about this

  6. I've been looking for major studies which tackles about if this organic saw palmetto is really an effective alternative for men's prostate problems? The studies I've read is from Dr. Mercola but I don't know if his studies are a solid proof of not so do you have one for it?