Jul 19, 2015

A Blog is a Blog is a Blog…

Or is it??? 

This blog was started in 2012 just after our book, Cancer Clinical Trials, was published. Our goal was to provide information about clinical trials, new meds, FDA approvals, how to participate in clinical trials, and other information related to cancer clinical trials. We have tried to be positive, encouraging, and occasionally make you smile. This reflects our outlook on life. Our blog entries are primarily aimed at those with cancer, those thinking about participating in a clinical trial, and the family and friends of those with cancer.

Some have questioned our inclusion of humor. Is there a place for humor in this serious subject? Cancer is not funny, of course, but a positive attitude, sense of humor, and ability to laugh may make life a little easier. This author, Larry, has been living with prostate cancer for 12 years. Being able to laugh at myself, the idiosyncrasies of the medical world, high drug prices, endless forms to fill out, strange side effects, etc. has made my quality of life a little better. We have been pleased to receive positive feedback from many blog followers.

There are literally millions and millions of blogs out there somewhere. There is something for everybody. They run the range of the very scientific, factual and useful information of all sorts, entertainment, political (not necessarily factual), personal diaries, pictures of cute kittens, and probably more than a few X-rated and nefarious ones. The odds are good that you or someone you know has a blog.

Cancer is the topic of a lot of these blogs. Many are dedicated to specific cancers (breast, lung, prostate, skin, and on and on). Then there are the personal information and experience blogs which are not always factual (we hope ours is), and all are infinitely varied. We hope you will follow our blog, but you may find others you prefer. The advantage of having so many choices is that you’ll surely find just what you’re looking for. 

We will continue to provide cutting edge cancer and clinical trial information, a few personal anecdotes, and a bit of humor‑‑often in the form of G-rated cartoons.

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