Dec 8, 2012

How to keep track of the latest clinical trials that one may be eligible for

The single most complete resource for clinical trials in cancer is offered through the NCI at  Clinical Trials are listed under the Clinical Trials and the Find a Clinical Trial tab on the website.  Detailed instructions on how to use this search tool are available on the website.  We also provide a discussion of that in our book, Cancer Clinical Trials.  Once you set up a search that fits your specific situation, there is an easy way to track the latest trials.  The trial status component of the search form allows you to check the new trials box. This will show you only trials added in the last 30 days. This feature is very helpful if you want to track any new trials that are activated without going through the entire list every time.  A useful strategy is to do a thorough search for clinical trials once and then repeat the same search with the new trials box checked every 30 days.  This way, one can be sure not to miss anything new. 

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To learn more about clinical trials, take a look at our book.

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