Jan 28, 2012

Cancer Clinical Trials: A sneak peek inside the book

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge about cancer clinical trials and experimental therapies.  The blog is great for short, focused, fact filled pieces and two-way conversation.  The book is great for telling the whole story.  Together, the blog and the book can cover it all: the big picture, the details, and the conversation.  That's why we get pretty excited whenever we see the book getting a little closer to reality.
We just received the first part of our book from our publisher.  These are the author proofs of the Table of Contents, Preface, and Introduction.  We are excited to share these with you.  If you would like to take peek, go ahead and download these sections.  Happy peeking!

Download Contents and Intro
Download the book cover

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(c) 2012 Tom Beer and Larry Axmaker

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