Jan 18, 2012

New Phase III Cancer Clinical Trials January 2011

Our search today revealed 20 new phase III studies registered in the last 30 days.  As we see every month, there is a broad range of new ideas that are being tested.  Today, we would like to highlight the TRINOVA-3 trial which examines the addition of AMG 386 to chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer.  AMG 386 is designed to block angiogenesis, the abnormal blood vessel formation that cancers require to grow.  Cancers grow their own blood supply and drugs like AMG 386 seek to block this process.  In this trial, all patients receive chemotherapy and half receive the experimental drug while the other half receive a placebo that is similar to the experimental drug.  

How do we choose the trial to highlight in these monthly update posts?  Entirely based on our judgment about which trials are testing interesting new agents and also are representative of what is going on in the field.  Angiogenesis is an important feature of cancer and a number of drugs that interrupt it are in clinical trials.  The trial also illustrates one way that modern trials use placebos.  In this trial, no patient will receive no treatment.  All patients receive the current standard and the placebo serves as a comparator to the experimental drug.  

Links to clinical trial searches included in this post expire in 3 months.

A day without laughter is a day wasted...said Charlie Chaplin...and we agree.  Cancer Clinical Trials are a serious subject but in addition to educating you, we would love to bring a smile to your face.  That's why we recommend that after reading this post, you take a peek at one of Larry's Cartoons.

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